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1) What is
friendship? Friendship for me is a great joy. Joy from the fact that there are
close to me that will help me,will always listen and support throughout. Only a
friend can fully trust.
friendship as and true love is rare.But if we have a real friendship,you need
to preserve, cherish it. When we lose a friend,lose a part of themselves,have
to remember easy to lose and hard to find.Friendship needs to grow. Should
appreciate friends,because they teach us life,to find himself.

2)Goodphysical health is one of the prerequisites for a happy life. Health is given
to man by nature and just losing it, understands how don't need everything that
was his main interest in life: money, success, relationships.Health is the
greatest value in life. To be healthy, you need to maintain health. To do this,
not so much: eat right, exercise, spend a lot of time outdoors, and have a
positive attitude to life. I believe that health is paramount,because when you
are healthy you enjoy life. as they say,in a healthy body-healthy mind. and for
that we should rejoice every moment of our life. also need to live life with

3) I agreewith this statement" treat you parents as you want your own children treat
you". Because it is important in life. how you are going to  parents so your children will treat you.  the parents should be treated with respect,understanding. should love their parents, because they gave us life. parents is
sacred. they should be treated with love give them this love then your children
will treat you well. i think that you need to love, honor, cherish your
parents. try to help them and the attitude of our children to us will be the

4) Moldovanwedding is widely known for unusual and beautiful traditions - the exchange of rolls,
dancing guests. Of course, as with every wedding, Moldovan is also
characterized by such pre-wedding stages as offer hands and hearts, restaurant
choices, responsible choice of wedding dress is traditionally white. Wedding in
Moldova necessarily goes with kanashimi and witnesses. With our on Moldovan
wedding called planted his father and mother. They can be a married couple,
older couples young and younger parents. These people then become virtually
relatives who help advice and support in family matters.
After the
ceremony of marriage registration and wedding in the Church the couple going to
a restaurant.  After all the guests hadentered, is the national dance, which is performed by a group, all are moving
sideways, forming a ring performers in the entire hall. Only after this young
invite all to the table. Wedding traditions of Moldova is a vibrant cultural
heritage of the country. The Seating of the guests, and even the utensils in
which is presented the food to the table - everything has its own traditions
and value. For example, today there Moldovan tradition is a bow to the parents
that expresses a sign of deep respect.

5) to engagein sports is one way to always be in shape. i think that each of us should
engaged in sports in order to be healthy. i think that need to do   sports improves health. various   phisical exercise help us to move and tothink. sport strengthens the heartbeat, lungs, controls the pressure. exercise  can strengthen the spirit of man. thanks tosport imhjves concentrations, people are not only able to absorb a lot of
material, but also to appy it in life. sport is a way of expression. he helos us to look good both externallyand internally,
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